DP nano resources

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Take these free professional development (PD) nano resources to learn more about the key subject areas of the Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum.

Digital society

We are in a digital revolution that is changing the way people communicate, create and connect. Beginning in 2022, DP Digital society invites students and teachers to explore these important changes together.

This free online resource will help teachers and coordinators prepare to launch DP Digital society in their school community. Each interactive module introduces essential elements of the course including its student-centred framework, powerful inquiry-based approach and details about course assessments. 


This resource gives you an overview of the DP Economics course and focuses on the conceptual and inquiry-based approaches to teaching that the course takes. You will see how these approaches influence assessment in the course and will also be able to develop a course outline and share it in the IB communities. 


Supporting DP music teachers

This resource aims to:

  • Present an overview of the changes that have been made to the DP music course.
  • Introduce the core elements of the course, including musical processes, contexts, areas of inquiry, musical roles.
  • Explain and highlight the interactive nature of the framework core elements.
  • Introduce submission requirements and expectations for external and internal assessment.
  • Provide opportunities for developing a course outline.


Supporting DP mathematics teachers

Brush up your pedagogical knowledge of some of the content in the DP Mathematics: applications and interpretation course. You can find practical teaching ideas and discover how technology can be used to develop conceptual understanding.

The arts

Effective journaling in DP arts

Develop confidence and skills to bring creative journaling into your classroom. You will have the opportunity to consider your own reflective practices and how you might use them to enhance your students' journal experiences.

Theory of knowledge (TOK)

Please see below our new TOK eLearning resource series for the 2022 assessment.


Knowledge and technology

This resource introduces you to the “knowledge and technology” theme in the new TOK curriculum.

The role of ethics in TOK

This resource provides TOK teachers with an opportunity to explore the role of ethics in the new TOK course.

Knowledge and indigenous societies

This resource provides TOK teachers with an opportunity to explore the optional theme, knowledge and indigenous societies, an exciting feature of the new TOK course.

TOK across the curriculum

This resource has been designed to accompany the new TOK course for first teaching in 2020. It is aimed at anyone who wants to explore effective ways to make links to TOK across the curriculum—particularly teachers of all DP subjects, DP coordinators and TOK teachers.



Supporting DP science teachers

This resource has been designed to support DP science teachers with preparing for the internal assessment. It provides educators with alternative approaches to undertaking the investigation in the sciences when access to school resources is limited while still encouraging an inquiry-based approach.

DP sciences: The internal assessment process

Learn more about the DP sciences internal assessment process via an introductory video and a discussion video between the principal examiners of biology, chemistry and physics.

Read transcript of the "DP sciences – The internal assessment process" introduction video here [193 KB] pdf

DP sciences: Examiner discussion

A discussion between the principal examiners of biology, chemistry and physics.

Read transcript of a discussion between the principal examiners of biology, chemistry and physics here [238 KB] pdf

Predicting grades

This resource considers the questions: How do teachers ensure the accuracy of their predictions? What impact can these predictions have on the students and what can you do as a counsellor, coordinator or administrator, to support the student journey?