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IB 101 for admissions officers

Admissions officers have the challenge of understanding many different qualifications from around the world in order to successfully review applications and select the right students for their institution. The IB understands how busy these roles are and therefore has developed a succinct, self-paced learning resource with key information on all IB programmes.

You will learn how the IB is taught, how students are assessed and what you should consider when reviewing an IB student's application.

In order to evaluate your IB applications fairly and holistically, it is important to understand:

  • key concepts around grading
  • what the IB points score means
  • subject combinations
  • how to assess and evaluate a student.

Additionally, you will learn how to read an IB transcript, and how to access students’ transcripts.

How to use the resource?

Use the guide on the left-hand side of your screen to navigate through the different sections. Each programme of the IB is explained, followed by in-depth information on the curriculum and assessment.

Throughout the module, there are several simple quizzes to test your knowledge and understanding of the content. We would encourage you to complete the whole module to gain a thorough understanding of the IB.


"This module does a really good job organizing the information admissions officers need on the IB curriculum, its approaches and its educational goals. I would highly recommend it to new admissions staff, to help them get an overview on the educational structure and intricacies of IB education, but experienced colleagues should find lots to learn as well."

– Elma Kronemeijer, Leiden University

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