MYP PD learning resources

Take these free PD courses to learn more about some key areas of the MYP curriculum. These courses currently cover interdisciplinary teaching and learning, the personal project, and service as action.  Below you will also find MYP PD nanos, offering support through the MYP authorization process.

Free online PD resources

Interdisciplinary teaching and learning

Begin your exploration about MYP interdisciplinary learning here. Find out what it is and why it's important.

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Personal project

The MYP personal project offers an opportunity for students to consolidate and further develop a wide range of skills. Find out more in this free learning. 

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Service as action

Take a look at what service as action is, and how it develops a student's personal sense of responsibility to their community.

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Authorization support nanos

These MYP PD resources have been designed as support materials for each programme in the form of six nano sessions. These short, focused materials are aimed to support candidate schools at specific points in their journey through the authorization process and are based on common questions, challenges and the rolling authorization process for each programme.


Projecting your timeline

Welcome to the first nano session in our series of Authorization support resources. In this introduction, we provide an overview and guidance on developing a realistic authorization timeline.

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New to candidacy

This nano is the second in the series of Authorization support resources. The aim of this resource is to provide programme coordinators and other school leaders with information to help you get started with the authorization process. This resource is also useful for coordinators new to the role or new to a school that has already begun its candidacy.

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Making the most of your consultation

Welcome to the third nano in the Authorization support resource series. The aim of this nano is to provide useful information and resources for the consultancy phase, one of the most critical stages in the authorization process. 

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Planning your PD during candidacy

Welcome to the fourth nano in the Authorization support resource series. The aim of this resource is to support you in planning for professional development. This nano provides useful information on the professional development required for candidate schools, as well as the importance of ongoing, meaningful professional development.

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Becoming an IB World School: is it time to apply for authorization?

This fifth nano in the series of Authorization support resources will draw attention to the requirements that need to be in place for authorization. The aim of this nano is to provide you with information about the application for authorization process as well as support schools to make an informed decision on when to submit the Application for Authorization.  

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The verification visit and beyond

Welcome to the sixth Authorization support resource. This nano will focus on the verification visit stage of the authorization process and beyond. In this final nano, we will discuss the preparation and hosting of the verification visit and what to expect in once the visit is complete.

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