How to access the candidate website

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The candidate website,, is an online portal where you can manage your eCoursework uploads and view your candidate results and transcript requests.

How do I obtain my login details?

  • The candidate website is only available for Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme candidates. 
  • Only your IB programme coordinator has access to your candidate website login details, and they are responsible for providing them to you. The IB cannot provide your login details for data protection reasons. 
  • Your login details are your candidate code and a personal identification number (PIN), and they are session-specific. 
  • It is at the discretion of the IB World School to decide to give its candidates access to the candidate website. 
  • Under no circumstances should candidates reveal their PIN to universities or admission centres. 

I’ve logged in, but last year’s results appear. How do I see this year’s results?

Your login details are session-specific and will change every session. Please consult your IB programme coordinator who can provide the login details for the current session. 

I can’t login; what do I do?  

  • The recommended browser is Mozilla Firefox as it is the most compatible browser. 
  • Your login details (your candidate code and PIN) are case-sensitive. Enter them in the same way as your programme coordinator gave them to you. 
  • You can copy and paste your login details. If blank spaces are entered, the login attempt will be unsuccessful. 
  • If you are unsuccessful with your login three times in a row, you will be locked out for 30 minutes. You can try logging in again after this time. 
  •  It is not possible to reset your login details as they will always work when the above rules are followed.