Requesting transcripts and certificates

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The IB provides an official transcript of grades for the Diploma Programme (DP). It is an official copy of an IB candidate’s results. Transcripts can be sent directly to an institute of higher education, such as a university. These documents are not sent to students or other organisations.

How to request a transcript

Before the release of results

If you are requesting before 5 July (for May examination sessions) or 16 December (for November examination sessions), you should contact your Diploma Programme coordinator to submit a request to the IB on your behalf. 

You can select up to six higher education institutions (HEI) worldwide. Out of these six HEI, no more than three can be selected from Canada and the US, and only one of these three may be from the US. An admissions center, e.g., Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), counts as one request.

When results are released, they will be made available to institutes via an IB secure website, or on a paper transcript if the institute does not make use of the IB secure website. A candidate's first six requests will be accepted without charge if submitted before the release of results for that exam session.

Before results are released, students can request to have results sent to six universities. This service is free of charge.

After the release of results

For requests after 5 July (for May examination sessions) or 16 December (for November examination sessions), IB graduates can request for their transcripts to be sent to institutions directly by placing a request through A fee will be charged for each additional request that is submitted regardless of whether any previous requests have been made for that student. 


All requests must include a processing fee of $18 USD for each transcript you request.

The IB does not accept cash or postal orders.

Please note that the IB does not accept American Express. If your payment is not accepted, please contact your card provider to authorize the international transaction.

How and when the university will receive my transcript

If your chosen institution opted to receive IB transcripts via a secure IB website, they will receive yours as soon as results are released (or for graduates, as soon as the IB has processed your order). Otherwise, they will be mailed a paper transcript.

Please note due to the volume of requests received during the peak months of December and January and July through September, transcript requests may take longer to process. The IB is not responsible for delays in the postal service or in processing transcripts at universities. This process may take up to 14 working days.

It is the institution that decides on the following:

  1. The format in which it receives an IB transcript (electronic or paper format).
  2. The receiving address for the transcript. This is usually a general/centralized admissions office.

Therefore, if you need to check if your chosen university has received your transcript, please check with the university admissions office first. If they are unable to locate it there, then please contact IB Answers. When you contact us please include your name, school where you obtained your diploma, university, and the date that you requested for your results to help us process your request faster.

Important tips for students submitting transcripts

Tip 1: It is best to check the university’s admission policy before placing a transcript request. Some universities will only accept undergraduate applications through a centralized admission centre. For example, candidates applying to Oxford University in the UK are required to complete an online UCAS application form. When submitting a transcript request for UCAS, if you have your 10-digit application number you can include it in the transcript request form (under Notes if request is done via

Tip 2: If your transcript was sent electronically and the university informs you that they are unable to access your record, please ensure that you have provided them with the correct information (spelling of your name, date of birth and session).

Tip 3: Under no circumstances should candidates reveal their PIN to universities or admission centres.


Requesting a replacement diploma or certificate

If it has been lost or destroyed, students can request a replacement diploma or certificate. To submit a request using a debit or credit card please complete the online request for results service form

The process takes up to 28 days. You will need proof of identity, including your name and date of birth.

More information

For more information relating to transcripts, certificates or university recognition, please download the Candidate results pack (PDF, 2.8 MB).

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