Action research

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Explore these learning resources that provide in-depth information on how to plan and reflect around the topic of action research, either as a team or for individual personal growth.

In this series, you will learn how acting, observing, and reflecting form iterative inquiry cycles can help you, your school or community set and achieve goals. It will also explore organization and how to adjust to new actions when goalposts shift.

This series is also useful for IB programme evaluation, as the programme development planning process can be supported with an action research approach. Action research is beneficial for teachers, leaders and educators as it is closely related to many of their everyday practices.

Getting to know action research

In this series, you will learn that action research is a cyclical process of change that involves planning, acting, observing and reflecting. You will also learn that action research is driven by the need to solve problems or improve outcomes. Action research might also build upon appreciation for practice that is already successful, in order to share success and grow capacity. If you choose to engage in this resource as part of your school community’s planning for programme evaluation and development, your school can identify areas to grow development planning as a team effort.

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