Preparing for the personal project

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The MYP coordinator and personal project supervisors help guide students toward a successful outcome. Successful MYP personal projects demand that everyone involved works as a team  for students to do their best work.


In MYP year 5, there are several important deadlines and steps that must be observed in the months leading up to the submission of the personal project. Please see more information below:

  • Schools appoint at least one personal project coordinator.
  • Schools can request additional languages to provide opportunities for students to complete the personal project in mother tongues.
  • The school’s MYP team introduces the personal project to the students, parents and teachers.

The school community needs to understand the objectives, requirements, timelines and criteria for assessing MYP personal project. Many schools introduce the personal project during year 4, using a celebration of year 5 personal projects to inform and inspire the next cohort’s work.

  • Coordinators ensure that each student has a project supervisor.

Schools use a variety of methods for allocating supervisors to students, including:

    • students choose their own supervisor
    • supervisors choose projects to supervise based on a list of proposals
    • coordinators assign supervisors to students randomly or based on scheduling demands
  • MYP coordinators register students for the personal project.
  • Supervisors meet with students on a regular basis to guide them through the personal project process.

At least three meetings must be recorded on the MYP projects academic honesty form. During meetings, supervisors monitor student progress through conversation, written interactions, and/or reviews of the process journal.

  • Supervisors ensure that each personal project is complete.

Each personal project submitted for assessment includes:

    • MYP projects academic honesty form
    • personal project report in written, oral, visual or multimedia form
    • bibliography.
  • Supervisors conduct internal standardization to assess the project report, and submit criterion level totals to the IB.
  • Coordinators electronically submit personal project reports selected by the IB for moderation.