Benefits for teachers

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The MYP eAssessment helps practitioners inform their teaching practice and make judgements about students’ development as global learners, their ability to transfer understanding to unfamiliar situations, and their capacity to connect academic study with the world beyond.

MYP eAssessment motivates high-quality, inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning through stimulus material and media content generated by past eAssessments.

With eAssessment, teachers have the opportunity:

  • to see examples of how questions can be asked or content can be assessed at a conceptual level.
  • to determine any gaps in knowledge or teaching and adjust accordingly. 
  • to develop their IT literacy.

External verification of student achievement can also help teachers gain confidence in their own judgment.


“MYP eAssessment also helps teachers rethink what they’re doing in the classroom and focus their attention on professional development”.

Annelies Brabant, MYP coordinator, Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest International School (ISRLO), in Oegstgeest, Netherlands

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Pathways School Gurgaon uses eAssessment feedback to determine if there are any gaps in the MYP and Diploma Programme transition and knowledge and adjust accordingly. “It helps us consider how we want to plan ahead for the coming year.”

Rohit Bajaj, school director Pathways School Gurgaon (PSG) in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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eAssessment provides a clear benchmark for ACS teachers from which to backwards plan the programme. “They understand the scope and sequencing and the curriculum alignment that flow backward out of eAssessment structures."  On-screen assessment blueprints, topic lists and teacher support materials that say what a good ePortfolio is, a positive effect builds back down. Teachers also gain confidence that what they are doing meets global standards; at the same time, their hard work is validated.

Robert Harrison, education strategy director, ACS International Schools, Egham (UK) and Doha (Qatar)

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“Introducing eAssessments has further encouraged our teachers to ensure they use vocabulary such as the MYP command terms and the language used in the MYP criteria consistently so that students are continuously familiarizing themselves with the functionalities of the eAssessment.”

Hina Chaudhry, MYP coordinator, TNS Beaconhouse DHA, Lahore, Pakistan

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