Service and support

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The IB offers robust services to help schools prepare, conduct and provide feedback on the ePortfolios of coursework.

Key services designed to support schools with ePortfolios include:

  • publication of partially completed unit planners for MYP language acquisition, MYP arts, MYP design and MYP health and physical education.
  • sharing of subject reports that provide schools with guidance on how to teach future students and develop (partially completed) unit planners.

Feedback service

Teachers are encouraged to submit Teacher Feedback to the IB on the quality of the partially completed unit planners. All comments are carefully considered during the appropriate grade award meeting and are also useful for teams preparing future unit planners. 

IB resources

IB World Schools can view a list of all IB resources that offer information and guidance for schools undertaking eAssessment. This list is available on the IB’s password protected programme resource center.

IB World Schools can read the following tips to help them with Assessing MYP student ePortfolios (includes advice for the personal project as well).

Or replay a webinar about standardisation:

MYP Personal Project Standardisation Exercise (2017)