IB grade conversion for universities in the USA

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Is there an IB grade conversion to GPA?

The IB often receives requests for an official grade conversion from IB to the system in the United States (USA). Due to the decentralized nature of the education system in the USA, there is no standard or externally moderated grading scale. Instead, grading scales are determined at the local (state or school district) level. As part of their holistic review of applications, many universities in the USA recalculate grade point averages (GPAs) based on their own criteria and are familiar with different types of grading scales.

Therefore, the IB does not provide or endorse a conversion table to the USA’s A to F grading scale or the 4.0 GPA scale.

The best practice is for IB World Schools to submit student grades in the IB’s 1–7 grading scale, as this best represents student achievement.

How can schools support student applications to universities in the USA?

The IB also highly recommends that university and career counsellors (UCCs) include information about their schools on their School Profile for Universities (accessible via the UCC role on My IB) such as:

  • when the school adopted IB
  • what IB programmes it offers
  • number of IB students.

For more guidance and several examples, see pages 1112 of the Resource Guide to support UCCs on the Programme Resource Centre (PRC).

The IB also provides a letter designed to accompany university applications, which schools can submit alongside their School Profile. Access the letter for DP students and the letter for CP students on the PRC.

If a university has additional questions about IB programmes, you can refer them to the self-paced learning module.