Find countries and universities that recognize the IB

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IB graduates enter university with a firm foundation for their degree program—not just academically, but with excellent self-sufficiency and resilience.

Each year, over 5,000 universities in more than 100 countries/territories receive IB students’ admission applications and transcripts.

IB graduates are self-motivated leaders, who can contribute to a university’s overall academic standing and internationalization strategy. To ensure universities attract IB students, they recognize the Diploma Programme (DP), DP courses, Career-related Programme (CP), and Middle Years Programme (MYP) (where applicable).

Local and national governments around the world recognize that the IB programmes offer internationally accredited curricula and qualifications.

Online database

The IB has launched a database that contains recognition statements for countries/territories, states and provinces (for USA and Canada respectively) and universities internationally.

The database features a selection of countries, states, and provinces that recognize the IB and are popular destinations for IB students. Currently there are around 100 countries available to view. More countries will be added to the database in the coming months.

The university function allows you to view individual universities and institutions of higher education within each location. Universities can create and edit their statement. You should be able to see what each institution has set as their admissions criteria regarding: IB programmes, courses, grades and subjects, depending on what information has been added by the individual institute. Currently there are around 1,200 university records to be found. 

If a university has not yet added their information to the database, we recommend that you consult their website directly for their IB recognition policy—it does not mean they do not recognize the IB.


You can find statements in the database from universities that have submitted a statement. Please note that these policies are subject to change and additional restrictions and requirements may apply. If a university is not listed on the recognition statements database, please contact the university directly for their IB recognition policy.

Please check with organizations directly for the most up-to-date information. If you spot any inaccuracies, please contact [email protected].

Transcripts numbers reflect requests received by the IB to send transcripts to a particular university and are not necessarily an indication of the number of IB students admitted into that university.

If you are a university, read more on how you can develop a university recognition policy.