Development of a transcript to record learner creativity and curiosity (2022)

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Funded with generous support by the Jacobs Foundation, the ultimate goal of this project was to develop transcripts to track learner progress in the domains of creativity and curiosity. To support this overarching goal, the research team sought to define creativity and curiosity in language that would resonate with learners and teachers and that would be appropriate across numerous cultural settings. The result of the project is a series of prototype materials and resources, specifically: literature reviews, frameworks, enabling environment summaries, reflective quizzes and transcripts. Based on insights from the literature reviews, the researchers developed frameworks to define the constructs of creativity and curiosity and to offer resources that learners can refer to in class. The researchers also hypothesize that school context is important and that schools and teachers can provide an enabling environment to support learners to be more creative and curious. Lastly, the research team propose transcripts for each domain, which are designed to balance learner reflection and teacher verification. Further research is required to validate these resources before schools implement them with the aim of evidencing student growth in creativity and curiosity.

Research summary (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Full report (PDF, 14.5 MB)

Related study

The Jacobs Foundation also funded a related study on creativity and curiosity, which was conducted by the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment. The study entitled, Facilitating curiosity and creativity in the classroom: An international multisite video study, can be found here.