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Below you’ll find information on additional research resources that support IB practitioners and researchers.

Research essentials for IB leaders

Research essentials for IB leaders” is a practical tool, providing IB heads and coordinators with ready-to-use, powerful research findings, and figures that demonstrate the value of an IB education. Findings and figures are designed to be easily selected and used for presentations and meetings to present sound evidence of the impacts of IB programmes.

Download research essentials from this IB WeTransfer link

The Jeff Thompson Research Award

From 2009–2021, the Jeff Thompson Award offered small grants to IB practitioners, graduate students, and early-career university professionals, enabling them to conduct research studies on a variety of IB-related topics. Final reports from these studies are available on the Jeff Thompson Award winners’ studies page.

Annotated bibliographies – IB research

You may also be interested in our annotated bibliographies, which look at:

The Science of Reading and the Primary Years Programme in the United States

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a flexible curriculum framework that is compatible with the Science of Reading. This brief describes the Science of Reading and how such expectations can be implemented alongside and through the PYP.

PYP and the Science of Reading brief (PDF, 175 kB)