William Micklewright - Essex, United Kingdom


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William Micklewright graduated from the IB Career-related Programme (CP) at the Anglo European School in Essex, UK, and continued his studies in Business and Management at the University of Kent, UK.

William MicklewrightWhy did you originally decide to pursue the IB Career-related Programme?

I am originally from France and moved to the United Kingdom to join the Anglo European School where I discovered the opportunity of the Career-related Programme. The IB programme was perfect for me as it gave me the enriching opportunity of being with other international students with various backgrounds and enabled me to become more open-minded. The CP was a great experience as it included a mixture of Diploma Programme (DP) subjects and applied subjects. Applied studies gave me a deeper insight in subjects and a more interesting complete overview.

Through the CP I was able to take part in many professional opportunities, including an insight week at Lloyds Bank. Through this work experience, I learned more about how large companies operate and it also showed me the day-to-day work in a company. I found out about this insight week through my school’s opportunity bulletin, a weekly list of events and activities available for students to encourage various enriching experiences.

"Applied studies gave me a deeper insight in subjects and a more interesting complete overview."

In addition, I participated in the planning and running of Enterprise day, a two-day event where students had to create an ethical business idea and present it to a panel of judges. This was a very rewarding experience and I gained many transferable skills, such as teamwork and time management. In my spare time, I also tutored younger students in French, I was on the basketball team for two years and I also performed in the school play. I managed to do all these activities because I was motivated to gain extra skills and be part of new experiences.

Which of your IB teachers inspired you most?

Both of my business teachers inspired me. Their method of teaching was interactive and interesting. They shared their own experiences and linked these with the subject, making it more relevant for us. I am also thankful to both of my math teachers who, through real-life examples, made me understand the importance of how to apply mathematics to my future studies.

How did you reach where you are today?

I am currently in my first year of studying business and management at the University of Kent, United Kingdom. My career aspiration is to work in the banking sector or become an entrepreneur to start my own business in the digital industry. One of my teachers used to always tell us to take risks. He had a catch phrase: "if you don't ask, you don't get,” which has resonated with me since then. Either way, I had to work hard to get where I am and I had to make choices and many decisions. But in the end, it was all worth it.

What advice do you have for current CP students?

There are many opportunities out there that are waiting for you; all it takes is being proactive and dedicated. It may take time and effort, but it will always lead to something greater.