Alexis Thompson - Georgia, United States


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Alexis Thompson completed the IB Career-related programme (CP) at Hardaway High School, Georgia, US. She studied early childhood education at Albany State University and now works as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Columbus, Georgia.

Alexis ThompsonWhy did you decide to pursue the IB Career-related programme?

I learned of the IB Career-related Programme (CP) through the IB Diploma Programme (DP). I originally was a DP candidate until my senior year at Hardaway High School. Ms. Hampel, then IB coordinator, and Ms. Jackson, then business teacher, thought I and about five other girls would be great candidates for the CP.

At this time, the CP was a pilot programme for Hardaway High School and we were the first candidates and graduates. Both programmes, Diploma and Career-related, offered a unique education and allowed me to think independently, become culturally aware, and drive my own learning.

Which IB teacher inspired or influenced you the most?

Mr. Ashley Snow taught world history in my junior year. He introduced us to “someone” who often gets the best of us at any age: The Procrastination Monster. If you allow it, the procrastination monster lives in your head, sits on your desk, sleeps in your room, plays Xbox Live—it just doesn’t go away. From day one, Mr. Snow informed us that if we allowed the procrastination monster to become our best friend, as we have and do, and put his work off until the last minute, we would in no way succeed in his class.

How did you reach where you are today?

After high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to do in life. The options were college, military, or work. In the fall of 2012, I began as a freshman at the Unsinkable Albany State University, majoring in early childhood education. Throughout my matriculation, I acquired valuable life skills and learned valuable life lessons. Taking advantage of this time to become the most amazing version of myself.

I would encourage all students to become an active part of their campus community. At Albany State University, I recruited with the office of admissions, served as an official hostess, and was a member of the university’s Judicial Hearing Board. I conducted undergraduate research, planned events on behalf of the student body, was inducted into three collegiate honor societies, and joined the International Education Honor Society. I served as a STEM instructor to Pre-K students through a teacher assistantship, became a Georgia Certified Educator; and graduated with Honors, Cum Laude.

"I would encourage all students to become an active part of their campus community."

Throughout these undergraduate experiences, I saw the importance of a person’s willingness to share knowledge, as well as a person’s eagerness to collect knowledge. Today, I have a career in local government as the Executive Assistant to the first elected female Mayor of Columbus, Georgia, Mayor Teresa Pike Tomlinson.

What advice do you have for current students?

My advice to current students would be, it’s cool to be considered lame and unpopular by your peers. However, it’s even cooler to acquire knowledge, know your rights and responsibilities, talk to your school counselor, connect with teachers, give back to your community, set goals and crush them while building and living your legacy.