IB alumni from Latin America

We reached out to IB alumni from across Latin America and asked them to share their experiences from the Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP). Read more about why these alumni chose to do the IB, and where they are today.



  • Oriana Fuentes – Lima, Peru

    Oriana graduated from Hiram Bingham School in 2007. In 2012, she graduated as valedictorian from Syracuse University with a dual bachelors in finance and economics. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in computer science at Columbia University in New York, after spending four years at J.P. Morgan as a banker.

  • Paola García – Santa Tecla, El Salvador

    Paola García graduated from Academia Británica Cuscatleca of El Salvador. She is currently in her eighth semester of the program in medicine at José Matías Delgado University in San Salvador. She is very interested in surgery and she is considering pursuing this field, though she hasn’t yet decided in which specialty.


  • Lucas Millán – Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Lucas Millán completed the IB Diploma Programme at Escuela de Educación Media Secondary School No. 6 in Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2015. Millán studies computer engineering at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

  • Luis Sfeir-Younis – Caracas, Venezuela

    Luis Sfeir-Younis graduated from the IB Diploma Programme (DP) at Escuela Campo Alegre, Venezuela before completing his undergraduate studies at American University, Washington D.C., USA and receiving his master’s degree from the London School of Economics, UK.


  • José Manuel Calderón Jacinto – Cajamarca, Peru

    José completed the IB Diploma Programme (DP) at Davy College in 2011. He is currently studying mining engineering at the University of Queensland in Australia.

  • Alexandra Eguiluz – Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Alexandra Eguiluz graduated from Saint Mary of the Hills School in Argentina, and currently works for KidZania, a company that combines learning with entertainment for children.


  • Camila Vera Falabella – Santiago, Chile

    Camila Vera Falabella graduated from the Diploma Programme in 2006 at the Craighouse School, El Rodeo campus (Chile). After graduating, she studied journalism at Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago (Chile). She is currently a food writer specializing in baking. She works with The World’s 50 Best Restaurants organization and she recently opened her own cake and pastry shop in Santiago.