IB alumni from Africa

We reached out to IB alumni from across Africa and asked them to share their experiences from the Diploma Programme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP). Read more about why these alumni chose to do the IB, and where they are today.



  • Apiorkor Seyiram Ashong-Abbey

    Apiorkor Seyiram Ashong-Abbey completed the Diploma Programme at Tema International School in Ghana. After traveling abroad for her university studies at Lafayette College in the USA, Apiorkor returned to Ghana to study at the University of Ghana. She works as a media practitioner and is an acclaimed poet, creative and activist in her free time.



  • Anne Osir – Nairobi, Kenya

    Anne Osir completed the IB Diploma Programme at St. Mary’s School in Nairobi, Kenya. She is currently a Senior Corporate Relationship Manager at KCB Bank Kenya, Ltd. She supports the banking needs of new and existing corporate clients, analyses credit risk, and offers financing solutions. Here, she reflects on the skills she gained during her IB studies and how they contributed to her success at university and in her career.


  • Akua Kwakwa – Tema, Ghana

    Akua Kwakwa completed the IB Diploma Programme at SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College in 1995. Since then, she has received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Scripps College, as well as a master’s degree in food science and nutrition from Chapman University. She has worked in the food industry for over 12 years in many different areas, including pet food, infant nutrition, and food and beverage. Akua is currently working as a consultant and has also recently launched her business in Ghana focused on all natural, locally made and high quality meals for pets.


  • Conrad Hughes – Mbabane, Swaziland

    Conrad Hughes (PhD) is Campus and Secondary Principal of La Grande Boissière, the oldest and largest campus of The International School of Geneva, where the IB started in the late 1960s. He is also a Diploma Programme graduate of the United World College of Waterford Kamhlaba, Southern Africa. His book Understanding Prejudice and Education: The Challenge for Future Generations was published by Routledge in 2017. He also published Teaching English A in the Diploma Programme in 2011 with Pearson. He teaches theory of knowledge (TOK) and philosophy.


  • Lilian Anegbe – Lagos, Nigeria

    Lilian Anebge completed the IB Diploma Programme at D-Ivy College, Nigeria. She is currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Leeds, UK, pursuing a PhD in International Business. She completed her undergraduate studies in economics at the University of Sheffield, UK, and received her master’s degree in Strategy and Marketing from the University of Warwick, UK.

  • Kwabena Amporful – Tema, Ghana

    Kwabena Amporful graduated from the SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College in Ghana. He completed his B.A. studies at Hampshire College and his MBA at Stanford University. Since then he has founded the Institute of Teacher Education and Development (INTED) among many other things.



  • Kavan Shah – Nairobi, Kenya

    IB Diploma Programme graduate Kavan Shah is currently CEO of Rosewood Furniture Manufacturers Ltd, a family business founded by his father and based in Nairobi, Kenya. As a student he often had conversations with his father about business and strategy. This led Kavan to pursue higher level economics and business studies in the DP before continuing to the University of Oxford to study economics and management.

  • Catherine Franklin – Cape Town, South Africa

    Catherine Franklin completed her Diploma Programme (DP) studies at the International School of Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. She has studied journalism and is now working at Condé Nast’s House and Garden magazine as a content producer.