April Harper - Kent, United Kingdom

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It has been a year since April qualified as an CP graduate at King Ethelbert School, Kent. April was desperate to become a radiographer when she finished secondary school and studying CP widened her options. April gained transferable skills such as team work and time management with independent learning, by studying the CP, which are essential in higher education and the workplace.

April said: “Since studying the CP I have become a reflective person. I made the decision to defer from university for a year because I wanted to make sure I was going down the correct career path. I used to be quite fearful of taking risks but the CP has made my confidence in decision making blossom. Now, I am able to recognise the purpose behind challenging tasks, whereas before studying the course I would have looked absentmindedly at particular situations.”

During her studies, April considered a career in teaching but was unsure how to go about it. Listening to career advisors, peers, tutors and of course teachers, April officially became a Teaching Assistant at Newlands Primary School and has worked her way up to becoming a Nurture Leader.

April explained: “The experiences I have in the workplace are experiences that I am able to grow and develop from every day. I am constantly faced with complex issues where I am usually able to make quick effective decisions within reason. Every day in my job I am able to make a positive difference to the lives of others and the school environment.”

“Overall the CP has helped me to strive for more than just an average job. I am lucky to say I experienced the CP and am now a better person for it.”


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