Authorization resources

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Based on common questions and challenges, these resources aim to support candidate schools at specific points in their journey throughout the authorization process.

  • How long does it take to become an IB World School?

    Use our new interactive timeline tool to anticipate how long your school’s authorization journey will be.

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  • PYP authorization support

    These short, focused materials are aimed to support candidate schools throughout their journey of the PYP authorization process.

  • MYP authorization support

    These free learning resources offer support to schools throughout the MYP authorization process.

  • DP authorization support

    Explore this range of free learning resources that will help guide you through the DP authorization process.

  • CP authorization support

    Explore these free learning resources that will support you through the CP authorization process.

  • Programme standards and practices (PSP)

    These PD learning resources provide an overview of the PSP, implementation of the PSP in your school and how to use the PSP in your programme development planning.

  • Programme evaluation nano resources

    These short courses will help you plan and conduct programme evaluation that strengthens your programme(s) and benefits students and teachers.