IB Educator Network: Success case study (2019)

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Kristine Chadwick, Michael Thier and Jandee Todd—Inflexion

Growth mindsetThe International Baccalaureate Educator Network (IBEN) trains educators to serve in a variety of critical roles to support the development and implementation of IB programmes. This study was designed to examine the benefits of IBEN participation as well as factors that may support or hinder successful dissemination of IBEN learnings within a school. The study design is based on Brinkerhoff’s (2002) Success Case Method, which enables evaluators to discover what is working well in a program and the factors that facilitate or inhibit success. Drawing on a global survey of IB educators (IBEs), seven case study schools from around the world were selected to explore the benefits of IBEN involvement and factors that support positive school outcomes. Findings indicated that educators value IBEN participation because it develops their knowledge, builds their confidence as highly skilled educators and benefits their students. School leadership also appeared to be an important factor influencing the ability of schools to achieve benefits from IBEN participation. Additionally, schools with a critical mass and distribution of IBEs across departments and grades were more likely to see benefits. Researchers made a number of recommendations based on the findings, including to strengthen recognition and awareness of the IBEN “brand” within the IB community.

Impact of the IB Educator Network (video)

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