Supporting PYP learning during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic

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The IB recognises the significant impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our schools, students and their families. For us, the wellbeing and safety of our educators and students are of utmost concern.

We would like to reassure schools and parents that we understand that remote learning may look and feel very different around the world. In an effort to support you as best as we can at this time, we have put together some resources and templates to help you navigate learning and play with your PYP students or children outside of the school setting at this time.

Above all, we understand that it is okay if you are finding this new learning landscape difficult to navigate. We see how so many people are doing their best to carry on, which is incredibly admirable, and the resourcefulness of the IB community is a daily inspiration. We also understand that there are communities, schools and individuals who are more heavily impacted by the pandemic than others, and we would like to offer support, reassurance and hope that any feelings of not being able to support your child’s learning are understandable and normal, but rest assured your child is still learning from you every day. This may not look or feel like a normal school year, but the IB and the PYP team are here to support in any way we can.

Sharing the learning

We would like to acknowledge and applaud the incredible work of PYP educators around the world who have stepped up to provide each other with support. Through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources, you have truly embodied the spirit of the global PYP community. Thank you.

In the spirit of inquiry, remember to allow yourself time to adjust to and explore different approaches to remote learning and teaching. If you would like to share your experience, your learnings, your challenges and your successes, please share through the communication channels or consider writing a blog.

For schools

We ask that you consider the needs of your community, your teachers, your students and your parents/caregivers when formulating your online learning plans with the IB online learning guide.

Continuity of learning

For those schools who are modifying their regular Programme of Inquiry, here are some suggestions to maintain a continuity of learning.

Continue to support international-mindedness. What does it mean to be knowledgeable, principled, reflective, open-minded, balanced and caring through times of global challenge? How can you be a thinker, a communicator, a risk-taker and an inquirer when you are not in school? How do our personal actions support collective action?

Support the ongoing development of the approaches to learning. How do we continue to develop skills for learning outside of our regular learning environments?

Support the ongoing maintenance and reinforcement of literacy and numeracy.

As an additional resource, Personal inquiries in the PYP - supporting PYP educators provides teachers with examples and prompts they may wish to use with students to maintain continuity of learning.  The section ‘Sample central ideas based on the learner profile’ offers a starting point to build a personal inquiry and the optional personal inquiry planner templates (see below) can be used with students to document their own personal inquiries.

Personal inquiry partially completed planner

Personal inquiry planner template one

Personal inquiry planner template two

For parents and caregivers

For many PYP parents and caregivers, this may be an introduction to the PYP, and they may be asking for more support in how to continue learning at home. The resource Inquiry through play - supporting PYP parents is a resource for parents of early learners. A short introduction to the power of play, how to support learning through play and some examples of what this could look like. The Parent guide to personal inquiries in the PYP provides suggestions on how parents can support older children with their personal inquiries.


We understand that the PYP exhibition may look very different for many schools this year. We remind you that the exhibition should focus on the process as opposed to the final product and physical exhibit is not necessary. Much of the process can be done digitally with guidance and feedback from the teacher and mentor remotely. These exhibitions may not be as in-depth but there are lots of opportunity for exciting learning experiences for the students. We look forward to hearing of the many innovative solutions schools have adopted to support students through their exhibition.

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  • PYP digital exhibition

    Our Primary Years Programme (PYP) students are launching a digital exhibition to showcase their work. To view and support their content, please visit our dedicated page where you can view, support and share their work using #PYPX2020.