Community service

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The International Baccalaureate® (IB) is committed to developing students who will make a meaningful contribution to the world, both during and after their education. 

As part of our commitment to this, the Diploma Programme (DP), includes creativity, activity, service (CAS) as one of the required components of the DP core. The DP core is studied throughout the curriculum, alongside a student’s chosen subjects.

The service element of CAS requires students to undertake an unpaid and voluntary exchange, which then has learning benefits.

Students therefore apply knowledge and skills to community service, complementing their academic study.

Developing civic responsibility

Research suggests that CAS develops students’ skills for civic engagement.

One study says that students can develop valuable project-management skills that will serve them well as citi­zens and in their careers.

A second study looked specifically at CAS. Students and coordinators at IB World Schools responded positively, stating that students develop personally and socially as a result of service.

Both groups thought students:

  • developed an ethic of service
  • became more caring, open-minded, and reflective
  • developed greater levels of self-confidence and maturity.

You can find both studies in the IB research section.