Arabella Logan - Penrith, Australia

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Arabella Logan commenced her International Baccalaureate learning journey at St Paul's Grammar School in Penrith near Sydney, Australia from pre-kindergarten continuing in the junior school with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and graduating in year 6 with the successful completion of PYP in 2018. Arabella's, IB journey continues in high school with the Middle Years Program (MYP) in year 7 for 2019.

myp-arabella-logan-penrith-australia-150 Who has inspired you most as an IB student?

My parents are very supportive with their time and understanding for giving me the opportunities to study the IB. The teachers at my school, because they are wonderful: my tutor group and arts (music) teacher Mrs. Jarman for her outstanding commitment, direction and musical advice and her belief in my musical pursuits. Also, my language acquisition (French) teacher, Mrs. Ingold, and my Language and Literature (English) teacher and Head of Cornwallis House, Mrs. Newton, by being amazing educators.

What key skills did you develop during the MYP?

The skills I have developed during my time with the Primary Years Programme (PYP), and now having progressed to the Middle Years Program (MYP), include being enthusiastic, focused and disciplined in my studies, research and inquiries. I have had to be highly organised and set a good timetable to support my academics, music, sports and studies. The more organised you are the better your academic, music and sporting outcome journey will be. The MYP has taught me to be a good communicator, inquirer, risk taker, how to work collaboratively with others as well as how to not to be afraid to ask questions and look for successful outcomes. I'm thoroughly enjoying learning the MYP in year 7 at St Paul's Grammar School!

What advice do you have for students balancing academics with extracurriculars?

Balance and timetabling is crucial. I enjoy my extracurriculars with music and sport in particular with my rowing, swimming and netball. Balancing this with my academic studies can be time challenging. I find having a good timetable, a reliable alarm clock and wonderful supportive parents are useful in addition to the essential organisation skills. Sport is a wonderful balance with my music and MYP studies.