IB World Schools managers

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IB World Schools managers provide ongoing support for your school.

Because the IB is dedicated to ensuring that IB World Schools (IBWS) thrive, and that IB students receive the full benefit of an IB education, your school, upon authorization, will be assigned a dedicated manager to support your school’s journey.

If issues or questions arise, your IBWS manager is the one to consult to determine solutions together. IBWS managers are familiar with their schools’ dossiers. They know the make-up of your student body, your faculty and your school’s leadership team. Most importantly, they can advise based on your school’s unique context. Connect with your IBWS manager to avail of their experience and knowledge to enhance your programme delivery and lift the quality of the IB education your school provides.

School leaders can find their IBWS manager’s contact information on My School, where your school profile is located. My School is found within the My IB portal, the doorway to rich IB resources on pedagogy, critical documentation on programme frameworks, curriculum, IB educator forums, and much more.

In addition to support from your IBWS manager, day-to-day support related to IB systems is provided by IB Answers, a globally available team that can be contacted Monday through Friday for technical help. Self-help material is available on the IB Programme Resource Centre, via the My IB portal for use exclusively by IB World School educators.

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