Lifelong learners

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Education goes beyond the classroom. Working with our partners and actively involving our stakeholders, such as teachers and examiners, are essential steps to achieving our goals.

Behind the scenes, the IB is working actively to develop the teachers' experience and aid examiners' work. In the last financial year, new assessment solutions were developed, and the marking process is being optimized by the implementation of a new platform. Teachers are encouraged to follow new workshops and collaborate with peers around the world via new platforms. As part of our 50th anniversary, we also said thank you to the inspiring educators whose passion drives the IB.

  • #weareIB: The IB community says thank you to inspiring educators

    Our 50th anniversary was a chance to thank the amazing people who bring the IB curriculum to students every day.

  • Implementation of innovative new e-marking

    The collaboration with RM Results is one of our great success stories, with significant technological advancements in marking assessments.

  • MYP eAssessment wins international awards

    The IB is constantly striving to innovate and improve its curriculums and assessments. One example of this is the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) eAssessment, introduced in 2016, which includes on-screen examinations with interactive tools and multimedia.

  • Enhancing professional development and resources

    Ensuring that educators have access to professional development is a central focus of the IB, along with publishing new materials to develop learning resources.