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The IB is recognized for its impact on communities in many positive and varied areas continually setting new standards in international education.

In a rapidly changing world, recognition of the IB continues to grow. Universities and employers value and seek out IB graduates. We partner with the University of the People to offer educators a cost-free Master of Education qualification. In collaboration with the Ellen McArthur Foundation we offer an online workshop, “Exploring a 'sustainable' future,” designed for educators to take a broad conceptual look at issues surrounding sustainable development goals and the meaning of the circular economy.  We organized the first-ever African Education Festival in Ghana–enabling teachers from across the region to share best practices and to network with key leaders. Finally, the IB works with governments (in Japan, Jordan, Ecuador and Andorra, among others) to improve education at the country level, making international education accessible for a wider audience.

  • Growing global recognition of the IB

    The recognition of IB programmes by universities is at the heart of the IB’s growth and development.

  • Collaboration between University of the People and the IB

    Life-long learning is an inherent part of the IB, not just for IB students, but for everyone in the IB community, especially our educators. The IB places a lot of emphasis on professional development to improve the experiences of educators and students.

  • IB organizes inaugural African Education Festival

    As part of the IB’s efforts to learn from and share best global practices in education in Africa, the first ever African Education Festival was organized in February 2018, in partnership with UNESCO.

  • Ongoing collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

    The IB’s collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur foundation began in 2016, and has continued to thrive since.