The impact of IB leadership workshops on aspiring or experienced leaders

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Darlene Fisher—University of Bath (United Kingdom)

The IB has developed a series of workshops which are focused on providing support for aspiring and experienced leaders. The purpose of this research was to investigate if leaders who attended the workshops were impacted by the concepts and ideas within. In addition, feedback on the most impactful resources or activities was sought. This data could be used in the review and revision of the workshops. Methods of data collection included surveys and interviews. The surveys were completed at the end of workshops. They included feedback on the preferred sessions within the workshops, as well as perceptions of impact of the workshops on skills, understanding, and behaviour. In addition, the workshop participants who completed all four workshops were asked to be interviewed and 20 agreed. Semi-structured in-depth interviews were completed and findings were compared with the initial workshop survey responses. The data suggests that the workshops are achieving the goal of having impact on the beliefs, understanding, and skills of leaders. The findings shared here are a beginning. Further research is needed to consider the longer-term impact of these workshops.

Full report (PDF, 388 KB)