The integration of technology in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (2015)

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Lucy Cooker, Charles Crook and Shaaron Ainsworth—The University of Nottingham

This study examined how digital technology is being used in IB World Schools in the United Kingdom (UK) to support teaching and learning in the Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum areas of mathematics and sciences. The study aimed to: 1) document teacher and student technology adoption, comfort and skills; and 2) identify examples of good practice of technologies in context to enhance learning in DP sciences and mathematics courses and to inform IB policy and teacher practice. The study included surveys, telephone interviews, observation and document analysis in state and private schools across Scotland, England and Wales. The findings suggested that “bring your own device” policies and using technology to encourage inquiry-based learning were generally beneficial. Although there were a number of instances of good practice in technology integration, there were also opportunities for further developing innovative practice, particularly related to collaborative and inquiry-based learning, simulation and community-building among IB World Schools. The researchers argued that while the technology available for use in educational contexts is fast developing in quantity and quality, the pedagogy driving the technology must remain at the forefront. Research summary Full report

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