Key facts about the MYP

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The second programme introduced by the International Baccalaureate® (IB), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) was adopted by the IB in 1994.

Designed as an inclusive, whole-school programme for students 11-16 years old, the MYP is now implemented by 1,859 schools in 127 countries.

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Origin of the MYP

The MYP began as an initiative of the International Schools Association (ISA). Aspiring to meet the needs of middle-level learners in international schools, ISA led the development of a flexible curriculum that promoted the fundamental concepts of intercultural understanding, communication and holistic learning.

Since being introduced as part of the IB continuum, the MYP has retained the spirit of collaboration encouraged by the dedicated educators by whom it was conceived.  After twenty years of rapid growth and development, the programme was fully reviewed and then re-launched in 2014—ready to meet the needs of a new generation of students, teachers and school communities.