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Many students watch very academically prepared students excel in the IB and feel as though it is too difficult for themselves. Today more schools are offering the IB to every student, including those who need extra learning support or are learning the language most commonly spoken around them.

The IB supports all students because its learning design centres on helping young people understand how they learn, who they are and what they are good at, while exploring the people and the world around them.

The world around us is changing very quickly. In the advancing world, knowing how we learn is of great importance. We need to be able to adjust and adapt to the new ways we communicate, co-exist, and work. This is why an IB education is not just focused on succeeding in college and career; it focuses on how young people will flourish throughout their lives.

The IB helps all students grow their skills and reach their potential

Students look for an education that…

  • helps them to reach their personal goals
  • gives access to the same opportunities as their peers, even if they have found school to be challenging
  • explores subject matters that align to their aspirational careers and professions
  • explores subject matters that value multiple perspectives and identities
  • competes for admission to their preferred universities or internships, apprenticeships, or paid employment
  • is personalized, meaningful, and aligned to their interests
  • applies what they are learning to the real world and issues that matter to them
  • provides opportunities to bring themselves to their learning and use their voice
  • supports them where they are and promotes growth
  • provides a safe and orderly environment where they can challenge themselves
  • offeris high-quality feedback and guidance they need in order to know how to do better
  • gives access to additional supports tailored their learning needs
  • provides multiple pathways and choices, so they can engage in learning that aligns to their passions and interests
  • offers opportunities to show their learning in a range of ways that help them understand a range of subject matter so they can apply their learning in any context

The IB provides students with...

  • the ability to apply skills in a wide variety of contexts by developing the critical thinking and creative thinking skills required to succeed:
    • so they develop and demonstrate their organizational skills and confidence to persevere
    • so students can promote how they have explored unique perspectives
    • the chance to drive their own learning:
    • as they are encouraged to increase their understanding using a range of sources
    • as teachers work closely to empower students to connect learning to the real world
    • as they make choices about what aspects of the topics they have studied are of most interest
  • the opportunity to reflect on their learning experiences and set themselves goals:
    • as the IB assessment model provides many ways other than tests for students to show their learning and to think about how they want to improve
    • using a common language for learning that helps them to ask questions, gain advice for their teachers and their peers, and make their own decisions
  • subject selection choices and many opportunities to make choices within their courses of study:
    • so they focus on what they are good at while growing their skills in a variety of ways
    • so they can build their capacity in areas of interest while discovering new skills and interests


Adoption of DP courses school-wide presentation Presentation: “What can you expect in your IB Language and Literature journey” (PDF, 16.5 MB)