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These resources aim to empower educators to create an inclusive environment for all students to engage and succeed in IB courses, particularly if participation in the IB has been limited to only high-achieving students.

The IB understands that there are a broad range of myths and misconceptions about IB programmes. To some degree, the accuracy of these understandings may be valid if implementation and teaching practices cater best to a narrowly diverse student population.

By partnering in a learning journey with the IB and the global community of schools, the IB aims to support educators in their own exploration of the programme design to uncover the value of an IB education for all students. When moving forward with shared understanding, the possibilities for improving outcomes for all students and teachers are achievable.

Teachers are committed to all learners

The IB values the role teachers play in designing learning experiences that support multiple learning styles and accommodations.

Teachers work hard to…

  • ensure set high expectations for all students and provide the very best support to meet their learning needs
  • design inclusive lessons and select materials that engage:
    • the needs of students with formal learning support plans or accommodations
    • the needs of highly prepared students
    • the need for all students to understand their ability to learn
  • ensure what they are teaching is relevant and will interest students
  • enrich their professional growth and develop new and creative ways to facilitate learning
  • protect and nurture the well-being and safety of students and themselves
  • encourage student agency and student voice
  • provide opportunities for students to step outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves
  • support the holistic skill development of each learner, meeting them where they are

The IB approach is an opportunity for teachers to…

  • enable students to show their learning, rather than place all the importance on an end of course test
  • use a framework and quality resources to adapt learning to suit the needs of the students in their community
  • bring themselves to the curriculum framework and integrate content that matters to them and to their students
  • engage in high-quality training that provides guidance for support as well as flexibility
  • collaborate with other teachers using a common language to empower deeper learning
  • master the art of teaching their course-related skills in partnership with teachers across disciplines, thus facilitating learning that transfers
  • support students’ well-being and belonging by offering them many opportunities to make choices and build confidence in their abilities
  • implement constructivist pedagogy, providing all learners with the opportunity to inquire
  • access teacher support materials developed by educators all over the world

As teachers embark on a learning journey with their school to explore expanded access to a high-quality education for all students, what might they consider?

  • How might coming together around a common approach to teaching and learning impact the way teachers learn together in professional learning communities?
  • What do teachers value and look for when choosing a curriculum and assessment that offers all students experiences that help them grow and succeed?
  • How might teachers represent multiple perspectives and diverse student voices in developing curriculum?
  • How do teachers support struggling students while maintaining a rigorous education that meets world standards?


Adoption of DP courses school-wide brochure Brochure: "Teaching the IB to diverse learners" (PDF, 5.3 MB) – Introduces the benefits of IB approaches to learning, teaching, and assessment for all students and how the IB supports teachers to ensure optimal learning arrangements for every student.
Adoption of DP courses school-wide presentation Presentation: “Empowering and supporting all learners in the IB Diploma Programme” (PDF, 20.0 MB) – These slides are designed to introduce the initiative to educators who may be new to teaching in an IB context.
Adoption of DP courses school-wide video Video presentation: “IB Language and Literature course for all” – IB educators share their experience with the schoolwide adoption of DP language and Literature in their schools.