Counsellor resources

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These resources aim to assist counsellors as they work closely with students, encouraging them to engage in challenging and rigorous education and expand their understanding of what constitutes success and value.

The IB understands that the primary goal of school college and career counsellors is to ensure the pathways and course arrangements students select will best prepare them for their futures. The role counsellors play in supporting the wellbeing and academic growth of students influences the way students see themselves, what they are capable of, and who they are becoming.

Counsellors empower students to see their full potential

Counsellors encourage students to value the educational experience as a journey where outcomes are secondary to the lessons learned, valuable for young adults succeeding in a global society.

Counsellors work hard to…

  • help students and their parents understand the best opportunities the school has to offer
  • communicate the benefits of challenging academics and high expectations for all students, including examples of how all students benefit
  • promote inclusivity and encourage students from all backgrounds and levels of proficiency to take part in high-quality education
  • encourage underrepresented students to engage in rigorous education to develop in ways that open access to more valuable post-secondary opportunities
  • understand the curriculum options offered, and how to best communicate the components to students
  • maintain up-to-date resources that align curriculum, outcomes, and the college admissions and scholarship requirements
  • monitor student development and create plans to optimize outcomes
  • collaborate with students to set goals for learning skills
  • track their progress to support success in academically challenging coursework
  • provide resources that include a number of social and emotional supports for students
  • facilitate opportunities to share concerns and difficulties, and develop skills for managing the stress of pursuing and persisting in academics.

The IB provides counsellors context to…

  • promote opportunities using a clearly articulated education framework that is flexible, adaptable, and easily aligned to local standards
  • use a common language to facilitate conversations with parents and students regarding student success
  • use research-based strategies for learning based on the Approaches to Learning skill development to increase future readiness
  • know how to learn independently and with others
  • inspire students to expand their interests and grow their skills across disciplines
  • use attributes of the learner profile as a tool to engage all students in a reflection of their attitudes and beliefs about themselves
  • building confidence to communicate and advocate for their needs
  • evaluate the way students face uncertainty with forethought and determination
  • collaborate with students in their reflection and self-assessment to guide them in their own goal-setting
  • provide a safe and supported context to build confidence around learning
  • engage in the community and explore real-world experiences beyond formal schooling
  • develop self-management and organizational skills across personal and professional contexts
  • take initiative when making reasoned, ethical decisions.

As counsellors embark on a learning journey with their school to explore expanded access to a high-quality education for all students, what might they consider?

  • How might a learning-centred education increase opportunities for students, compared to an outcomes-driven education?
  • What could be the impact of the IB learner profile and Approaches to Learning skills framework for increasing students' capacity to succeed in life after high school?
  • What type of training, support, and methods of regular communications are required to support the role counsellors play for guiding all students?
  • How might counsellors communicate the value of challenging high-quality coursework to underrepresented and historically marginalized students?


Adoption of DP courses school-wide presentation Brochure: “Counselling all students to challenge themselves” (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Adoption of DP courses school-wide video Presentation: “Why an IB Diploma Programme experience prepares all students for success” (PDF, 14.4 MB)