Why the Diploma Programme?

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The DP offers a holistic approach to teaching and learning with a keen focus on developing intercultural awareness. Students learn to explore and understand the world around them through inquiry, critical thinking and open-mindedness.

Parents who want the best possible education for their children choose the DP because it offers:

  • a challenging academic curriculum that serves as outstanding preparation for university and higher education

  • a student-centred approach to teaching, focused on developing students intellectually, emotionally physically and socially, as opposed to preparation for test-taking only

  • a focus on international-mindedness, compassion, and understanding intercultural differences 

  • respected, reliable and world-renowned academic preparation. Universities regularly cite DP students as the best prepared for higher education

  •  DP graduates excel at university and often begin their studies with advanced standing

A well-balanced curriculum and unique DP core

DP students complete courses from six subject groups, ensuring a depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding. By engaging with a range of subjects, they experience a comprehensive education that encourages them to see connections between different academic areas. The study of an additional language is also required, as well as the completion of a compulsory programme core consisting of three components.

  • Theory of knowledge (TOK) challenges students to reflect on the nature of knowledge and how we know what we claim to know.

  • Extended essay introduces students to the demands and rewards of independent work prior to entering university, requiring them to produce a self-directed piece of research in an area of personal interest.

  • Creativity, activity and service (CAS) is an experiential learning component where students engage with a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including community service and athletic options.

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