How does the DP compare to other qualifications?

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AP (Advanced Placement)

A 2015 study by the Educational Policy Improvement Center revealed that students viewed AP only as a means to obtain college credit in high school, while the DP is considered a holistic programme that develops strong life-long learners.


An Ofqual report from 2012 described the assessments in the Diploma Programme as excellent for allowing differentiation, for encouraging independent thinking and research skills, and for allowing students to demonstrate higher order skills. In 2014, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas) developed a new tariff system that gave the International Baccalaureate an official A-level equivalence.

Australian Curriculum and Australian Qualifications Framework

Teachers interviewed for a 2014 study by Deakin University generally believed that the DP provides better university preparation than the AC. Additional benefits of the DP curriculum included real-work application, clear global dimensions and the development of intercultural understanding.

Indian Central Board of Secondary Education and Council for the Indian Schools Certificate Examination

Researchers at the Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi, found the DP curriculum and assessments were more comprehensive and exhaustive, more likely to encourage multiple perspectives and the appreciation of different contexts, and more likely to develop analytical, critical and evaluative abilities when compared to the CBSE and CISCE.


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