Educational resources for schools

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The IB’s educational content is designed to assist the IB teachers and learners at every stage of their academic journey: from Starter Packs for newly authorized IB World Schools to exam preparation and assessment products for both IB educators and students at the final graduation stage. Resources from the IB are designed to supplement curriculum, from subject-specific support to professional development.

IB books, materials, and merchandise are available in two locations: Titlewave for librarians, coordinators, and teachers, and Follett IB Store for parents and students. Find out more information about Follett and which store is the right one for you here.

  • PYP resources

    Resources for PYP include curriculum publications featuring syllabus content and assessment criteria, PYP Starter Pack for schools interested in becoming IBWS, collection of Ten Tales from Different Cultures, posters, brochures and banners that encourage familiarity with the core components of PYP curriculum.

  • MYP resources

    Resources for MYP include 'Discovering the MYP' series, 'Assess, Contexts & Concepts', 'IB Skills for years 4 and 5', MYP Starter Pack, posters and brochures, curriculum publications that are intended to give practical support to schools for understanding and implementing the essential components of the programme.

  • DP resources

    Resources for DP are designed to develop students with excellent breadth and depth of knowledge and facilitate more effective exam preparation with materials like: Exam Papers & Markschemes, Questionbank, IB Prepared series. Also featuring DP Starter Pack, posters and brochures, curriculum publications.

  • CP resources

    Resources for CP support students engaged in a career-related education. Feature CP Starter Pack, curriculum guides for IB coordinators and educators, posters, brochures and banners.

  • Resources endorsed by the IB

    We work with different publishers to produce high-quality co-publications to help teachers and students across all IB programmes: PYP, MYP, DP and CP. All textbooks that have been reviewed and approved by IB are published with the ”In-cooperation with IB” logo. 

  • Posters, brochures and merchandise

    Find IB-related brochures, posters and banners designed for all four programmes. As well as IB-branded schools supplies, graduation gifts and various memorabilia.