A message from Dr Siva Kumari, Director General

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Welcome to the IB’s Annual Review. We at the IB are proud of our Mission—A better world through education—and everything we do is committed to delivering it, in our daily work, with our amazing community of 5,000 schools in over 150 countries.

Our mission is built on our ambition for the role of education in the world, and on our philosophy of international education. It is expressed in all our three key business areas—curriculum development, working with schools, and assessment.

Our key performance indicators section shows how we grow in these areas, and how our community benefits from this growth .

Every day, we focus on delivering tangible benefits to our schools, our students, our stakeholders and communities across the three pillars of our strategy: Innovation, Service and Community.

The IB takes practical, real-life actions to deliver these benefits. In the impact sections, we look at our impact in four broad areas where the IB makes a daily difference: Schools, Students, Communities, and Lifelong learners.

It is something that drives me and inspires me, every day of my life.

I hope that you, too, will be inspired when you see what a difference an IB education can make.


Thank you,

Dr Siva Kumari