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In the next 50 years we will need your solutions to these global challenges. Be inspired by what others in the IB community are doing and create your own education and literacy project.


What is the impact of technology on education? How do we ensure access to education around the world? How can lifelong learning help increase employability?

We have reached out to several IB graduates who are actively thinking about how these issues affect their lives and work today. As you define your challenge, you can consider their guidance and get inspiration from their stories below.

How to begin

Define the challenge you want to find a solution for, build a team, and present your world-changing ideas using #generationIB and #educationIB on Twitter, Instagram and/or Periscope.



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to #educationIB:

  • Quality education
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Partnerships for the goals.

Education is key to tackling global issues. Access to education, whether young or old, is a right that needs to be guaranteed. Quality education will equip future generations with skills for an uncertain future. This is necessary if we want to succeed as a society and solve existing and forthcoming problems. How can we ensure that everyone has access to quality education that enables them to become active learners?

Take a look at how your country is doing on these SDGs: 4, 8 and 17.

  • By what means could we reduce access gaps in education?

    "Are there low-income students and students of color “missing” from your IB programme? What could you and other students do to understand and close these gaps in access, so that students of every background have an equal opportunity to succeed at the highest levels? Feel free to reach out to us at Equal Opportunity Schools with your ideas!

    For students in the United States, the Office of Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education has data on your school and others, showing participation rates, disaggregated by race. Ask your IB coordinator about participation in the IB by low-income students, Black, and Latino/a students. How does it compare to participation by other groups? Why do you think this is? And what could you do about it?" - Reid Saaris, Interlake High School, USA (CEO and founder of Equal Opportunity Schools)

  • How does technology affect schooling?

    “Many schools are finding ways to equip their students with laptops and iPads. Is the use of computers in the classroom disrupting or enhancing the quality of education?” – Rona Ji, Interlake High School, USA

  • How can we support quality education across communities?

    "Across the third world, most education systems continue to report poor or declining levels of student performance. Given the difference in student performance and quality of education between IB World Schools and other secondary schools within IB communities that offer local curricula or standards, how can we (the IB, school staff, and students) support the provision of quality education in our broader communities?” – Kwabena Amporful, SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, Ghana