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In the next 50 years we will need your solutions to these global challenges. Be inspired by what others in the IB community are doing and create your own citizenship and responsibility project.


How do individuals and societies address conflict, migration, and economic inequality? How can we navigate data protection and privacy on social media in a world with growing dependence on technology? What role does the media play in our perception of these issues?

We have reached out to several IB graduates who are actively thinking about how these issues affect their lives and work today. As you define your challenge, you can consider their guidance and get inspiration from their stories below.

How to begin

Define the challenge you want to find a solution for, build a team, and last but not least, present your world-changing ideas using #generationIB and #citizenshipIB on Twitter, Instagram and/or Periscope.



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to #citizenshipIB:

    • No poverty
    • Decent work and economic growth
    • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    • Peace, justice and strong institutions
    • Partnerships for the goals.

In a cosmopolitan world driven by globalization, we have responsibilities as citizens of a country and as citizens of the world. We experience the impact of political and economic policies, which are shaped by local and global institutions. We need to ensure decent work and economic growth in a sustainable manner. Meeting these goals will help us innovate and improve industry and infrastructure. Moreover, we need to ensure peace and justice within and between countries, promoting safety for civilians.

Take a look at how your country is doing on these SDGs: 1, 8, 9, 16 and 17.

  • Will artificial intelligence change the way we work?

    “A challenge I think a lot about at Stanford is how artificial intelligence will change the way all of us work and interact in the coming decades. Many if not most jobs might look very different in the future. What will this mean for politics? Will citizens follow backward-looking leaders who promise to restore the old, certain world? Or will people embrace the changes and challenges and try to shape them, collectively, in a positive way?” - Marc Brunssen, Schule Schloss, Germany

  • How will you define the scope of your project’s impact?

    “One of the greatest lessons I’ve taken away from my technology career is to always ask myself two questions about all the work I pursue: “Instead of just helping one person, does this project have the ability to help many people?” and “Is it universally accessible to everyone, everywhere?” I implore you to think about the same two questions as you finish your IB career and move on to university and the world of work. We need your world-changing ideas!”  - Victor Scotti Jr., Morgan Park High School, USA