Providing schooling for students in hospital

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Andrea Mwalula, a retired IB philosophy teacher and member of the IB Educator Network (IBEN) from Zambia, set up a learning centre in the country's capital, Lusaka, for children with cancer.

The learning centre is called Twende Education for All (TEFA) and is housed inside Zambia's largest state-owned hospital, University Teaching Hospital. It welcomes children who are suffering from long-term cancer, making sure that they continue their schooling while undergoing medical treatment.

"The main goal of TEFA is to empower the children and women of Zambia”, Andrea explains. "We are working with the vulnerable, ensuring they get quality education, and develop skills and mind-sets to make better lives for themselves and their communities".

Andrea says that her experience as an IB educator and IBEN member has been of great help. "The 10 attributes of the IB learner profile is something we continuously embed in everything we do", she says. "For me it is important to get our little people actively involved in their own learning, taking responsibility for their actions, behaviour and attitudes."

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