A lifelong love of language learning


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Tom Adams studied the DP in the UK after moving with his family from France. The shock of moving to a new country, coupled with classmates from all over the world, helped him develop new skills and a new outlook on life.

Growing up in France, Tom’s Swedish parents relocated to the UK when Tom was 10 years old. Studying at St. Clares In Oxford, Tom made friends from a variety of cultures and credits this, along with the DP curriculum, with “understanding how the world works.” He studied at Bristol University and INSEAD, later becoming CEO of language-learning software company Rosetta Stone.

“It’s a fantastic curriculum that helps you become a better problem-solver.”

A highlight of the IB curriculum for Tom was learning an additional language, an essential part of IB studies that he says helps one to become more open to different ideas and ways of thinking.

“There are enormous gains to be had by learning another language,” he says. “You engage more easily in another culture, and you engage more deeply in your own culture too.”

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