Festival of Hope privacy notice

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The Festival of Hope privacy notice should be read in conjunction with the IB Privacy Policy.

The IB Privacy Policy confirms the following:

  • The definition of personal data
  • Special considerations for children/students who are minors
  • The purposes for processing and use of personal data
  • How personal data might be shared (see below)
  • How data is maintained securely
  • Advice in respect of usage data, internet tags and Google Analytics
  • How the IB retains personal data
  • Circumstances that allow for the lawful processing of personal data (Lawful Processing Conditions)

Personal data collected in relation to the Festival of Hope

In addition to the above, this notice sets out guidance in respect of personal data collected in relation to the Festival of Hope.

For what purpose are we processing personal information?

  • Personal information is collected to best understand who is most interested in Festival of Hope.
  • To gather insights about what hope means to individuals.
  • To identify students, educators, speakers, etc, and to understand demographic data around them.
  • To curate more content that aligns with individuals and to build a community of interested Festival of Hope supports.

How is this information shared?

  • The Personal Information collected will not be shared with third parties.
  • Information relating to Festival of Hope is accessible within the IB on a limited basis.
  • Access to this information is limited to the Festival of Hope team which consists of three people.
  • Where personal information, including images, appears on the Festival of Hope website written consent will have been acquired from the party or parties whose image/s appear.

For how long is personal information retained?

  • The information will be retained for up to two years.
  • A two-year retention period is necessary and proportionate and will enable the IB to launch a second Festival of Hope.
  • Following the expiry of the retention period, the personal data will be erased or fully anonymized by the removal of any and all personal identifiers.

Your rights, questions or comments regarding the Festival of Hope privacy notice, and how to edit, delete or access your personal data

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of our privacy notice at any time. Any changes we make to our privacy notice in the future will be posted on this page with an updated revision date. Therefore, you should review this page for updates whenever you access this or any other IB website, and you may be requested to opt into this Privacy Notice again even if you have visited the page before.

You may have the right to ask for access to any personal data that we hold about you

Or you may have the right to ask for access to any personal data that we hold about you (or your child) in our records. You may also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. The IB will assist you with your request, including any request to edit, delete or restrict the use of your personal data and information, in accordance with the applicable law. Please click here to submit your request about the personal data the IB holds about you (or your child). In order to respond to your request, we may require details by which the IB can identify you. We use a secure portal for these requests.

You may also have the right to complain to your Data Protection Authority if you think we have processed your personal data in a manner that is unlawful or breaches your rights

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy please contact the Data Protection Officer via email.