Benefits of the MYP for teaching and learning: Perspectives from Australia (2018)

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Laura B Perry, Susan Ledger and Anisah Dickson—Murdoch University

This study examines key “insider” perspectives on the benefits of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) for learning and teaching in Australia. Specifically, it explores the perspectives of MYP teachers, coordinators and school principals, as well as the perceptions of representatives from Australian education authorities. To conduct the study, researchers employed a qualitative research design that involved case studies, semi-structured interviews and document analysis. Educators in this study believed that the MYP is a high-quality learning framework that provides genuine benefits for learning and teaching. All participants valued the philosophy and principles embedded in the MYP. There were also challenges with implementing the MYP in Australia, however. These challenges related to the need for additional support for teachers, the financial costs of the programme, and the increased planning and reporting necessary to meet both IB and local jurisdiction requirements. Nevertheless, the study indicated that the MYP has great potential to improve the relevance and authenticity of schooling for adolescents in Australia, while providing rigour and holistic development.

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