Supplemental survey: Supporting Title I high schools implementing the IB programme (2008)

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Leslie Siskin and Meryle Weinstein—Institute for Education and Social Policy, New York University

A survey of the Middle Years Programmes (MYP) and the Diploma Programmes (DP) at U.S. schools eligible for federal "Title I" aid was conducted as part of an evaluation of the IB's attempts to increase access to the DP by providing greater support to these schools. The survey sheds light on the nature of IB student enrollment at Title I schools, with participation in the MYP showing broader access than in the DP, where schools often have selection criteria in place. The profile of IB coordinators and teachers at these schools is also described, as are various supports available to IB students. Challenges to IB implementation at these schools include resources, time and the difficulty of coordinating professional development between their district and the IB. In addition, motivation, academic preparation, and competing activities all impact students' participation and success in IB. Schools stress the need for more support that will address their specific concerns as diverse, urban schools. Strengthening the pathway between the MYP and the DP may provide important support, but that pathway is still under construction, and is particularly challenging for Title I schools given their context.

Concise research summary (PDF, 124 KB)

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