Implementation and outcomes of the MYP in Spanish schools (2017)

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Javier M Valle, Maripé Menéndez, Jesús Manso, Rocío Garrido and Bianca Thoilliez—Autónoma University of Madrid

Postsecondary outcomes thumbWith a growing number of Spanish schools undertaking the MYP authorization process, and increasing interest in the MYP within the state system, this study was undertaken to investigate the implementation and impact of the MYP in eight Spanish private schools. The study included a comparison between the Spanish curriculum and the MYP that acknowledged areas of difference but also identified benefits of integrating the two programmes. The benefits include introducing concept-based learning, the learner profile and a more comprehensive assessment system. Overall, the implementation of the MYP is perceived to support a range of changes. Implementation of the MYP required significant changes to the school environment, teaching and learning, as well as to aspects of organizational management, all of which facilitated school transformation. Moreover, due to the implementation changes, specific programme outcomes were reported by participants, including the development of competences such as research skills and critical thinking. The main challenges in implementation of the MYP are around the open content in the MYP curriculum framework, balancing two programmes, and workload concerns.

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