DP: Alignment with Swedish Upper Secondary Education (2018)

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The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC)

This study examined the alignment of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) and the Swedish upper secondary qualification (the Högskoleförberedande examen). The study considered the underpinning philosophies and goals of the two education systems as well as how these philosophies are reflected in practice, particularly in terms of the overarching pedagogical and learning approaches and intended learning outcomes. Researchers found clear alignment between the DP and the Högskoleförberedande examen, with several shared objectives in relation to students’ preparation for study or work, holistic development, democratic values, and attitudes and approaches to learning. A detailed review of selected science and mathematics courses in both qualifications further informed the analysis. Comparative analysis of subject aims, content, learning outcomes and assessment enabled the research team to draw clear conclusions on the ways and extent to which the DP aligned with the Swedish system. The study indicated substantial and clear similarities at the subject level between the two education systems, with differences noted being minor in nature.

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