Diploma Programme students’ enrollment and outcomes at US postsecondary institutions 2008–2014 (2015)

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Liz Bergeron—University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

This study examines patterns of college enrollment, retention and graduation rates of Diploma Programme (DP) students who graduated from public and private high schools in the United States in 2008. Data from two sources were used: the IB information system (IBIS) and the National Student Clearinghouse’s (NSC) student tracker system. Findings show that 92% of DP students graduating from US high schools in 2008 enrolled in US postsecondary institutions between 2008 and 2014, while 78% of students enrolled immediately. The first year retention rate of DP students enrolled in four-year institutions was 98%. The average four-year graduation rate of all DP students (both diploma earners and non-earners) was 79%. Furthermore, DP students (both diploma earners and non-earners) have notably higher six-year graduation rates (83%) than the 2009 national average of 56% (NCHEMS n.d.).

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