A study of the Diploma Programme in China: Impact on student preparation for university studies abroad (2014)

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By Moosung Lee, Lynette Leung, Ewan Wright, Teng Yue, Adrian Gan, Lei Kong and Jun Li

This project aimed to investigate the impact of the IB Diploma Programme (DP) in China, with a focus on student preparation for university studies abroad. To achieve this, the research team from the University of Hong Kong undertook a mixed-method, four-phase study. The four phases explored the impact of the DP on student learning outcomes in terms of university entrance, preparation, and performance. Study findings suggested that graduates of IB World Schools in China attend the world’s top 500 universities, and that the United States is the primary university destination country. In rating various components of the Diploma Programme, the highest rating related to the DP’s overall ability to prepare students for university studies, while the core components received the lowest rating by DP graduates. Teachers and administrators were confident that the DP provided first-rate university preparation due to the rigor and breadth of the curriculum. Some school leaders, however, expressed concern that CAS was not seen as a priority by students in comparison to grades and Diploma Programme scores.

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