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Assessment research blogs and webinars aim to share trends in assessment and recent assessment research that the team has carried out with the IB community of schools, teachers and students across all IB programmes.

What are QIGs? Pros and cons of marking by question at the IB

Katie Schultz

It is not unusual for teachers to mark student tests one question at a time. The IB has introduced something similar for some MYP and DP exams. How exactly does this work and how do examiners feel about marking exams one QIG at a time?

Bringing student choice to assessment

Wendy Waeyee Choi, IB World School Magazine

Well-designed, student-led assessments can enhance self-efficacy and promote self-regulated learning. IB World Magazine talks to our Learning in Assessment Manager, Wendy Choi about best practice.

How technology is transforming everyday assessment

Wendy Waeyee Choi

How is digital technology transforming learning and assessments in DP classrooms? Does digital technology enhance formative assessment by changing the way students and teachers share learning objectives, collect evidence of learning, analyse data and provide personalised feedback?

Allowing students to make mistakes does not make one a bad teacher- understanding learning beyond grades

Wendy Waeyee Choi

The Assessment for Growth framework suggests that good formative assessment design and feedback need to not only guide the next steps of learning and teaching, but also promote a growth mindset among students, teachers and parents. What are some good practices and effective policies in Assessment for Growth in IB schools?

The end of marking? The case for (and against) Comparative Judgement

Antony Furlong

The IB asks examiners to grade work, but it is often difficult to give an absolute number to the quality of work. Is there a case to make for making marking easier by basing it on simply asking examiners to choose which of two student responses is better?


Assessment research and design – Research that can change your classroom

Rebecca Hamer

An introduction to the IB Assessment Research and Design team presented at the #IBVirtual 2020 Global conference. Introducing a selection of past research findings that may have impacted the IB DP classroom practice over the past years. Studies include finding that have changed the way IB criteria are written and the development of new command terms for the Arts.

MYP webinar 2 – eAssessment and current research

Lisa Nicholson & Rebecca Hamer 

After an introduction regarding playful assessment in the MYP, Rebecca Hamer from IB Assessment Research and Design responds to three questions. The MYP pedagogy meets many of the requirements of the 21st Century pedagogy and the IB Learner Profile maps well onto many aspects of 21st Century Learning. IB Assessment decision-making is supported by research, including examining new trends and practices in international assessment, trialling of new assessment tasks and developing tools and resources to improve assessment design.