Interview with Siva Kumari in The Straits Times about 50 years of the IB

Singaporean newspaper The Straits Times interviewed Dr Siva Kumari about her journey in becoming the IB’s Director General, about the relevance of the IB in its 50th anniversary year and about the IB in the Singaporean context.

Fifty years into the IB, Dr Kumari says that the IB’s relevance has not been diminished, as it is constructed to deal with a changing world. “It is a thinking child’s curriculum and parents often tell us that their children are very thoughtful,” she says.

In the interview, Dr Kumari also stresses the importance of the educators. “I think we all have to wise up and say that profession is fundamentally important and in fact needs to shift back to the times when education was about wisdom and building a human being, rather than being (purely about) content,” she explains. “Singapore is an example to the world on how to treat teachers and students”.

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