Siva Kumari Was Only Supposed To Be A Good Wife—But That Was Never Enough For Her

“I’m surprised and heartened by how hard work continually pays off.”

The IB Director General Dr Siva Kumari sat down for a special interview with The M Dash, M.M.LaFleur’s digital magazine which provides a rich and diverse portrait of today's purposeful women.

Ms Kumari shares some defining moments of her life trajectory that led her to take the helm at the IB, from growing up in a small town in India and pursuing a post-graduate degree against his father’s wishes, to eventually landing in education, where her ‘vocation and passion were (finally) the same.’

The IB leader also shares valuable insights about the IB’s mission to raise children and young people to grow into their full potential.

“Our focus is really to stabilize children’s self-confidence and help them develop their own internal compasses,” Dr Kumari says.

You can read the full interview on the M.M.LaFleur website here.